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Town Law is your trusted beacon for navigating the intricate waters of legal matters in the maritime world. Each case or transaction can involve an intersection of finance, ownership structure, insurance, liability protection, and compliance with both domestic and international laws. Whether a pleasure boat, yacht charter, or commercial vessel, our firm’s years of experience in the maritime industry, combined with our commitment to excellence, ensures your interests are safeguarded. From the open seas to the home port, our mission is to provide you with the legal foundation necessary to steer you through the complexities of maritime law with confidence and success.

Contract Drafting and Review

Crafting and reviewing maritime contracts for vessel transactions and agreements.

Maritime Transactions

Legal support for vessel purchases, sales, financing, and charters.

Admiralty Litigation

Representation in maritime disputes including collisions, salvage, and cargo damage cases.

Maritime Personal Injury

Assistance with injury claims under maritime laws, including Jones Act cases.

Maritime Insurance

Advising on marine insurance coverage, claims, and disputes.

Ship Registration

Facilitating vessel registration and documentation for legal compliance.

Salvage Agreements

Drafting salvage contracts for vessel assistance services.

Maritime Liens and Mortgages

Advising on lien rights, mortgages, and foreclosure proceedings.

International Maritime Law

Guidance on international treaties and regulations for vessel operations.


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